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10 Leadership Tenets from Colin Powell



(Credit: AP Photo/Vincent Michel)

In a past Stanford GSB View From the Top talk, Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell discussed his philosophy of leadership. Read the full article here, or check out highlights below:

1. Successful leaders know how to define their mission,…


In this week’s issue, Katherine Zoepf writes about women in Saudi Arabia and their inroads into the country’s traditionally male-dominated workforce:

The photographer Kate Brooks has documented the gradual women’s liberation movement there. A look at her photos:

Photographs by Kate Brooks/Redux/Pulitzer Center.


George Bernard Shaw 
"Human progress depends on the unreasonable man"

George Bernard Shaw

"Human progress depends on the unreasonable man"

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Should John Doerr be worried?

Can the VC who funded web-giants like Google & Amazon, save his crumbling firm – One last time !


Cadence - The Most Important Virtue in the Startup World

Cadence is - A rhythmic flow of a sequence of movements all around.

My firm belief is that all things in life, good bad or ugly are a matter of Cadence.

Take for example, a simple task of buying 1 gallon of milk on your way home, back from work. Simple as It may be, this can be broken down into a series of steps.

Step 1: Leave work and walk up to your car, hoping not to have a staircase accident on your way.

Step 2: Drive safely to the Grocery store without any hiccups.

Step 3: Availability of the milk brand you had intended to buy.

Step 4: Paying and walking back to the car. 

Step 5: Driving back from the Grocery store to your home, without meeting any accidents or getting pulled over.

Assume, one of the steps is skipped, and you fail to accomplish the end result.  It’s this smooth flow of rhythmic steps that could be described as Cadence.

In the startup world, where many of us experience super highs or untimely lows every single day; It’s all about getting this act of Cadence to streamline beautifully in your company’s work culture. This ensures a stronger culture, in turn a sustainable company.

So, the next time your Site Reliability engineer who also happens to also be your lead developer, fails to accomplish a certain task; be thoughtful enough to define the steps, thus contributing to your company’s cadence. 


 ”If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. “- Albert Einstein


 ”If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. “- Albert Einstein

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The Biggest Idea that Mahatma Gandhi gave the World?

Recently while going through my dose of Inc, saw a 300 word article on who was great , Gandhi or Jobs.  For a moment, I was completely dumbfounded. Who on earth could make a reasonable comparison when their domains were vastly indifferent.

That’s the reason, I am trying my arm at breaking this up for the startup friendly world.


Gandhi, even though widely revered by the West, has always had polarizing views when I talk to my friends from India. Surprised right ? 

The biggest qualm people from India have for Gandhi, is his veto for allowing Jinnah to separate Pakistan as a separate Non-Hindu state. Their reasons are the animosity which still continues in certain parts of the world between Hindu and Muslim radicals, could have been subservient to a large extent.

So my next question to them was, what’s would your take be, If India & Pakistan were still one nation ?

Quick retort being “ We would have had an awesome Cricket team”. 

No wonder, the sport continues to be a common thread.

I personally, am not a big fan of Gandhi; but that’s for another article. What I do highly respect the individual was for the biggest idea he gave the world.

The Idea of Non-Violence.

Before Gandhi practiced his idea of Non-Violence, the world always thought there was only one way of winning things. Wars were always fought & won, with the help of swords and daggers. If It was not for Gandhi’s idea, I don’t know what shape the world might have been in.

Although I am pretty certain, he would have really rocked the startup world. 

My Indian friends, may curse him all they want, but it took an Englishman to make a film about Gandhi.

How about investing money in Non-violence ?

How many of the VCs would have been ready to take that bet ? With no funding, No Series As or Convertible Notes to the rescue, Gandhi’s idea still continues to survive and thrive. 

To end on a lighter note, here is a clip from the Indian movie ‘ Lage Raho Munnabhai’ where a gangster from India interacts with Gandhi and begins practicing his preaching’s to solve people’s problems. ( Sorry wasn’t able to get a clip with English subtitles).

Get a hold of it, It’s worth a Sunday watch.